Closing the Chasm
Benjamin Diven, MD   

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I'm Benjamin Diven, author of Closing the Chasm: Letters from a Bipolar Physician to His Son.


Thank you for your interest in Closing the Chasm. It is a warm and personal account of life with bipolar or manic-depressive disorder. It offers no surprise solutions or magical answers to the many problems and questions of a major mental illness. It does offer a great source of insight and first hand experience with bipolar disorder and its treatments. The limitations and the wonderful successes of modern psychiatry and modern medications are paired with the great help of a unique psychologist and his psychotherapy. The book is full of fear and anxiety; confusion and mystery, hope and prayer, and a marriage that carried the full burden of illness. Along the way you get to know my amazing children and my remarkable wife who shared every bit of the day to day life of a mentally ill person who was struggling to be a father, husband, and physician.

Closing the Chasm is a collection of letters written to my eldest son Matt that each portray an event or events or a discussion of events. Just the right length for a nonfictional work the letters make it an easy book to pick up for a few minutes but a difficult book to put down.

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